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Sunday Clinic Details

The Sunday Clinics are designed for both experienced players and beginners in  3RD-9TH grade. 


Cost of Clinics is $150 ($175 beginning 3/16)

Sunday Clinics will give experienced players the chance to improve their skills in a fun, low-pressure environment, without sacrificing other activities they enjoy in the spring season. Sunday Clinics will also give new players the chance to learn and practice the game of lacrosse

Players will participate in weekly skills clinics.  

Clinics are held on Sunday afternoons from 4-5:30 pm

Date of first practice   Sunday March 29    **there will be no practice on Memorial Day Weekend
Date of last practice:   Sunday May 31st

What equipment does my daughter need? 
You can find more information about buying equipment in our "Documents"  tab to the left.

1. A lacrosse stick

Make sure you buy a girl's stick. The pocket - or netting part - of a boy’s stick is much deeper. The regulation pocket of a girl’s lacrosse stick is legal if the ball remains even with or above the plastic walls of the head when held parallel to the ground.

If you buy a stick with a metal shaft, it is easy to cut to adjust for the correct size. We can help you determine the correct size at practice.

2. Goggles

Eye protection is required. The player must wear eye protection at all games and practices. The most popular types of eye protection are plastic goggles and metal cages. Although both are acceptable for play and practice, our experience suggests that girls find the metal cages much more comfortable to wear.

3. Mouth guard (without a tab)

Required at every practice.