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5-6 Tiger Stripes  Evaluations 

If you are interested in having your daughter considered for the Spring 5-6 Tiger Stripes team, please read the following  information.
Tiger Stripes is a separate, optional spring team from the 5-6 travel teams. Tiger Stripes will practice on different dates and at different times as set forth below. The Tiger Stripes Team will participate in 2 Tournaments.
Evaluations for 5-6 Spring Tiger Stripes will take place during March practices on the PHS Turf .

You can register for the evaluation by using the "Register Now" tab at pglax.com. There is no cost for the evaluation.

Tiger Stripes is geared towards the development of the most skilled and dedicated 5-6 players. This is an opportunity for experienced players to work on higher-level strategy and play development. After the assessment period you will receive a notice regarding your player's evaluation. Teams will be kept small to offer maximum playing time. 
If offered a spot on the team, acceptance of that spot is optional. Those choosing to accept the invitation will be assessed an additional fee of $90 to cover the extra practices and tournaments.  Players accepting a spot on Tiger Stripes must commit to attending the 4 scheduled practices, both tournaments.
5-6 Tiger Stripes Tournaments:
  • Brick Tournament ~ Sunday May 22nd  All Day
  •  T3 Ridge Classic   ~ Sunday May 15th  All Day

 Sunday April 10th 4:30-6:00pm @ PHS Turf
 Sunday April 17th 4:30-6:00pm @PHS Turf

 Sunday April 24th 4:30-6:00pm @PHS Turf
 Saturday May 7th 4:30-6:00 @ PHS Turf

  Coaches:  Mackenzie Mocera  & Georgia McLean